Simple Steps to Create Custom Image and Video Invitations From Mr.invites

Simple Steps to Create Custom Image and Video Invitations From Mr.invites

Birthdays would be precious days for everyone, and that's why everyone wants everything to be perfect and unique, which attracts their guests and would be forced to praise their event from invitation to overall arrangements for the birthday party. Birthday person have a lot of ideas in their mind about how to design their invitation. But overall excitement ends when digital invitations according to your theme and mindset are not found. Of Course, selecting and finding digital invitations according to your mindset and matching your birthday theme is very difficult. So, don't worry because MRINVITES is the site that allows you to change your dreams into reality. We create custom invitations which you can easily edit according to your theme after purchasing!

To make your special day more special, customize your invitations today with your choice of colors and designs. MRINVITES provides you with a platform where your imagination turns into reality!

Unique ways for the party

Your party is memorable when its start is wonderful and amazing. MRINVITES explains different unique ways which will be helpful to remain your party unforgettable!

Selection of Invitations

The start of the birthday party has from the selection of invitations. But if your start could be more creative and attractive, then the party's charm has faded. Sometimes with a lot of struggle, you need help finding a unique invitation design according to your theme. Don't be stressed. We create custom invitations where you explain your imagination, and we would edit the invitation according to your choice and theme, which attracts your visitor and gives an idea of what is suitable for your theme.

Printing Details On Invitation

In the traditional invitation, no details are mentioned on the invitations about party themes and other necessary things that are compulsory for the guests. It's a big mistake, and most people are experienced with this, which lessens the party's beauty because people come with their mindset when there is no awareness about the theme. Still, no problem; this mistake can be corrected with our digitally customized invitation. We create custom invitations. Through this, you can print all the details on the invitation according to your theme, like dress code, party including facilities, location, time, and RSVPs, and even you can edit any picture which shows the grace of your party. All these greatly impact the guest and make your event memorable.

As well as you can also add a birthday song through our digital invitation, which plays at that time when your guest opens the invitation. The important thing is that the song selection is aesthetic, attracting the guest's attention and forcing them to think about the party celebration and be excited to attend the party. We create custom invitations. Whether for a birthday party or any special event, you can share your ideas. We will customize your imagination into reality, but remember; we will make a perfect digital invitation when you give an authentic vision of your imagination, not a confusing point where you are already stuck.

Enjoyment with a selection of themes!

You can only enjoy your event when you have played with all the colors that show your vision and interest. It will be possible only when you have meaningful thoughts because everyone makes a digital invitation. Still, an attractive and unique digital invitation is possible when you are thinking about that. Enjoyment with a selection of themes when you know what you would like some people like the beach or Paris. In such cases, you can provide us a picture of a beach or a Paris with unique color-touching themes MRINVITIES creates a digital invitation with a colorful theme of the beach or parts, which increase the charm and enjoyment for both the host and guests.

How to order your own customized invitations?

1: Go to the MRINVITES site, add your item to your cart and fill in the customized form/field.
2: After purchasing, editing would be completed in the next 48 hrs.
3: One-time editing will be free, but second and third-time editing will be extra charged.
4: If you have any issue with the invitation or video editing, you can change it within two days because we are responsible for two days when you receive the video or printed invitation.
5: You can purchase it from our website and chat with us by clicking the chat button on the website.
6: You can also share this card after purchasing with family and friends through social apps like WhatsApp, messenger and emails, etc. If you want to upload it on your Facebook event page, you can do this because MRINVITES provides an original design, not a copy-paste that creates any issues tomorrow. That's why you can easily share it.
7: you can easily save it on your cell phone after purchasing and check all the spelling and details, which are exact or not, within two days.


Customized digital invitations are selected when you know that ready-made digital invitations are not matched according to your needs and party themes. Select a customized digital invitation website where you can easily purchase a design template that you can easily edit according to your choice that matches your themes. Because if the start of your special day is not impressive, then the next step is meaningless. No worries about the selection and searching of digital invitations. You send all your details and ideas which are present in your mind, and we will make a perfect digital customized invitation for you!

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