Camilo Madrigal: His Birthday, Character, Appearance and Abilities

Camilo Madrigal: His Birthday, Character, Appearance and Abilities

Is watching Disney animated movies and cartoons your favorite hobby? If yes, then you must know about Camilo Madrigal. You must have watched his role in Disney animated movies and are curious about Camilo Madrigal.

Although he may not be as well-known as many other iconic characters of Disney, he inspires you and me, many fans of Camilo Madrigal, due to his fun-loving and adventurous nature.

Camilo Madrigal is one of the beloved characters in Disney animated movies. He is such a funny and thrilling character that you do not get bored even if you get introduced to him for the first time. He has been one of the adventurous characters for his fans. Let's end up curious here and dive into the blog to get thrilled.

So let's refresh ourselves with adventure and laughter while reading about your Favourite Cartoon Character.

Who Plays Camilo Madrigal?

Camilo Madrigal has played the role of a supporting character in a Disney animated movie named Encanto. This male Character was voiced and performed by Rhenzy Feliz, who had also performed in many other Disney animated movies like Runaways(2017) and The Tender Bar(2023).

He is an American actress and occasional singer, but his popularity is due to his performance in Encanto and Runaways. But this guide is not devoted to its voiced actor but to the best-supporting Character, Camilo Madrigal. So let's know more about him.

When is Camilo Madrigal`s Birthday?

Camilo, the animated Character, was born on 28th December in the Colombian Madrigal family. He is the middle child of Pepa and Felix Madrigal. The film in which this Character appeared was released in 2021. He is brought up in a quite big family. He is younger than Dolores and older than Antonia. His other fellow cousin, who gets most of the interaction with Camilo throughout the movie, is Mirabel, his age fellow. Some of his relatives are Julieta, Bruno, Augustin, Isabela, Luisa and Mirabel.

When Camilo turned five, he received the gift of Shapeshifting, which he used to adjust himself in the disguise of any human being. At times he enjoyed using this gift to make his relatives laugh and being helpful to the children and infants by taking care of them through shapeshifting. But this could have turned more helpful for his community, so they burdened him with very few responsibilities.

What is the physical appearance of Camilo Madrigal?

The writer of this script has given the appearance to Camilo that fits best for his type of Character. According to his appearances in family photos, it is considered that he has a height of 4.5. He is 15 years old, a slim boy with Colombian nationality. He possesses a dark brown complexion, curly hair and brown eyes. He is the only child in the Madrigal family that possesses the resemblance of Abuelo Pedro.

Although he does not match Abuelo Pedro based on his physical appearance, he does show a resemblance due to his facial expressions and features. His outfit includes a white shirt and folded sleeves. He wears black slacks, black sandals along with white etchings. He also wore a ruana of yellow colors over the shirt. His outfit resembles Cameleon motifs. This Cameleon is associated with his shapeshifting abilities.

Camilo Madrigal`s Character Development in Disney

When the Character of Camilo was created, it was in the writer's mind that he should be a person with a confused personality. He is a teen who does not know exactly the real version of himself, and he used to get the shape of different personalities. When the writer penned his Character, he was imagined as an angry teen with a negative mindset in the movie. This Character is like Isabela, who is an angry and arrogant character. But the Camilo that we get after the production of a movie is completely different, with a relaxed mindset that often uses his shapeshifting ability to make other people laugh.

But his community considers his shapeshifting ability insufficient, so he used to suffer from pressure and insecurities like many tens of his age. But to this, he used to cover his fears with positive behaviors that do not harm others due to his suffering. This insecurity leads him towards an identity crisis to behave like someone who does not know who he is so far.

The production team decides to give him an outfit that resembles a negative character, like covering one of his eyes with his curly hair. As his dress is concerned, it reflects his shapeshifting abilities. They dressed him up in such a way that shows Cameleon Motifs.

Camilo's Powers and Abilities

Camilo possesses the ability to shapeshift. This ability is given to him as a gift when he turns five. Camilo can transform into any shape that Camilo ever sees. By disguising the shape, he also shapeshifts the outfit of that person. He often used this power to entertain his relatives and refresh his mind.

As age passed, he perfected his ability to shapeshift. Now he can transform into only other people's body parts as he desires. But this perfection has side effects, as he can not control this while in pain, grief and sadness.

His powers also show limitations as he only shapeshifts to people, not animals and objects. He cannot acquire a person's personal traits, characteristics, and style if he assumes their shape. There is also the limitation of his ability.

As far as his personal traits are concerned, he was very sharp, agile and caring. He has been using his abilities to care for children and infants and make them laugh.


As you reflect on Camilo's journey, you'll see how he embodies the movie's message about the power of family and love. With his heartwarming personality and undeniable talent, Camilo Madrigal reminds us that we can all be heroes in our way.

So, whether you're a music lover or simply looking for an inspiring tale, Camilo's story is one you will want to experience. Watch "Encanto" today and be captivated by the magical world of the Madrigal family and the unbreakable bonds of love that bind them together.

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