Where The Wild Things Are Birthday Invitations?

Where The Wild Things Are Birthday Invitations?

Welcome! In the world of wild things, wild and adventure are never far from your imagination! If you want to give your imagination the color of reality, "where the wild things are," then arrange a themed birthday party for your children to make their day special for them. One thing that should be kept in mind is always to remember! If you wish to make a memorable event, then its essentials should be according to the theme to make creative and eye-catching invitations.

In this article! We will explain how to make a birthday invitation "where the wild things are" and what better ways are available to capture the spirit of their wild and playful nature as well as; we will also explain the different criteria of designing that make your invitations attractive. Now get ready! To make An unforgettable journey to our custom wild things birthday invitations!

How To Make A Themed Birthday Invitation - Step By Step

Follow the steps below to make a perfect and attractive birthday invitation according to the theme!

Materials Needed:

  • Cardstock paper
  • Printer
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Envelopes
  • "Where the Wild Things Are" themed graphics or images

Steps to Follow:

Choose the Design: First! Choose a design that perfectly matches the "Where the Wild Things Are" theme to make an impressive invitation. If you want to use images of Max, the Wild Things, or a combination of the two, you can do so.

Create the Invitation: Secondly! When creating the invitation, use software such as graphic design or a word processing program. Type all the required information with the help of software, such as the child's name, date, age, and the location where the party is arranged. The main thing you should be careful of is that the text you add is accessible and understandable, and your design's color scheme should be matched.

Print the Invitation: When the design on the invitation is completed then, print this design on cardstock paper. This type of paper will provide a more durable and professional-looking invitation.

Cut the Invitation: The shape significantly impacts the card's beauty; therefore, use scissors to cut the invitation in the desired size and shape. Consider decorative scissors if you want to add flair to the card. It enhances the beauty of your invitation and also gives an eye-catching impact.

Glue the Invitation: To give the border of your invitation, use the glue to attach the invitation slightly to the large piece of cardstock paper.

Add Envelope: using an envelope is an impressive and promising way to buy an appropriate-sized envelope, put your birthday invitation in it, and seal it off.

Design Ideas:

  • Fonts are essential to design because they attract your target audience. So always use playful fonts that match the birthday theme, like jungle or wilderness.
  • Mostly bright colors show excitement, optimism, and creativity. So, always focus on shades such as orange, yellow, and brown to create a warm and inviting color scheme.
  • To show the centerpiece of your invitation design, use wild things, images of Max, or even a combination of both.
  • For extra details, you can even use the prints of paws or leaves to make their invitation pop.


Lastly! You can create a perfect birthday invitation, "Where the wild things are," by following the steps mentioned above that exactly match the theme of your child's party by following the steps mentioned above. The invitation will set the tone for the entire party, so give it much thought and creativity.

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