The 60th Birthday Guide: Colors, Themes, Gifts, And More

The 60th Birthday Guide: Colors, Themes, Gifts, And More

Welcome to our guide for planning an unforgettable 60th birthday celebration! Turning 60 is a major milestone that deserves to be celebrated with your loved ones. Whether you're planning a party for yourself or a special someone in your life, this guide will provide you with all the tips and tricks you need to make this birthday one to remember.

From choosing the perfect venue to deciding on the guest list, we'll walk you through every step of the planning process. We'll also provide you with creative and unique ideas for decorations, themes, colors, food, and entertainment to ensure that your celebration is both fun and memorable.

So sit back, relax, and let us help you plan the ultimate 60th birthday party. Whether you want to throw a big bash or have a more intimate gathering, this guide will help you make the most of this special occasion. Let's get started!

What is the 60th Birthday Called?

Did you know that a 60th birthday is often referred to as a "diamond jubilee"? That's right, reaching 60 years of age is a major milestone and is often celebrated with the same level of excitement and fanfare as a 50th or even 75th birthday.

The term "diamond jubilee" has a regal connotation, as it was originally used to describe the 60th anniversary of the reign of a monarch. However, over time it has also come to be associated with the 60th birthday of an individual.

It's no surprise that this birthday is called a diamond jubilee, as diamonds are known for their durability and strength, just like someone who has reached this age. So, if you or a loved one is turning 60, be sure to celebrate in style and honor this momentous occasion with all the pomp and circumstance it deserves!

When It Comes to your 60th Birthday, what colors are Used?

As you are going to celebrate your 60th Birthday , everything should be tip top and as magnificent as Its name Diamond jubilee. To make the event more wonderful you should go with the theme and colors that are associated with the 60th Birthday. There are some options of colors that you can use on your and loved ones birthday party.

Black and White

Black and white are traditional colors used for 60th birthdays. If you are considering black and white colors for yourDiamond jubilee birthday decoration and celebration, it adds up the pleasure and elegance of your party.

Black color represents elegance, sophistication and ingenuity. It is also associated with class, independence and power. Adding a touch of black in your birthday party decoration indicates timeless class.

White color is the symbol of uniqueness, purity and accomplishment. It also shows a new beginning, experience and wisdom which makes it the best theme color for the 60th birthday celebration.

So if you are going to celebrate a birthday party in an elegant and unique way you can go with white and black colors for the decoration of the party hall. You can also go with this color if you are going to arrange any theme based party .

Silver and Golden

Silver and Golden are another pair of colors which you can use with a combination of Black and white. Silver color is the symbol of passage and experience of them and wisdom and on the other hand Golden color represent accomplishment, progress.

You can add a touch of black and silver in your party by hanging curtains in one of these colors and adding a taste of balloons and flowers in decoration. Contrast of golden and black is also admirable. If you are the center of attention in the party you may wear golden color while the decoration should be in contrasting colors.

These types of color combinations provide you with a glittery and shiny look that reflects the glamor that you have experienced throughout your 60 years of age.

Purple and Blue

These colors are for those who want a bold look of their 60ies birthday party. You can add purple and blue combinations of balloons for decoration and may add glitter balloons to add sparkle and shiny look.

You can add this color to the table by setting purple and blue table clothes and using coordinating napkins and plates.You can also make it more attractive and natural looking by adding a touch of purple and white flowers.To give it a fancy touch you can add purple lightning.

In this way you can make perfect use of purple and blue color that adds a bold, natural and fancy look to your 60ies birthday party.

Of course, it's also perfectly fine to incorporate the birthday person's favorite colors or other hues that are meaningful to them. After all, the most important thing is to create a celebration that reflects the personality and tastes of the guest of honor.

In addition to colors, you may also want to consider incorporating diamond-inspired decorations, such as glittery silver or gold accents, crystal centerpieces, or even diamond-shaped balloons. These little touches can help to tie the theme of the celebration together and make it truly unforgettable.

What is the Stone for the 60th Birthday?

The traditional stone associated with the 60th birthday of a person is gemstone. This is because 60th is known as Diamond jubilee Birthdays. So with this association diamond is the most suitable birthstone.

You can gift diamonds to your loved ones on their 60th birthday party . But as diamonds are the most expensive gifts you can also surprise your loved one on a diamond based theme party. You can add diamond shaped decoration pieces and balloons matching with the same color. In this way you can present a perfect gift in the form of diamonds.

What Flower Represents the 60th Birthday?

As nature attracts everyone, the use of flowers at Birthday adds to a natural environment that is welcomed by everyone. Folwer can be used as gifts in the form of bouquets and decorations.

But as it's your 60th birthday party you can choose the flower according to the event. There are different varieties of flowers that are particularly associated with Diamond jubilee birthdays.

As you have the following options of flowers which you can use at your birthday.

The first and foremost color that is used as a symbol of Diamond jubilee birthday is Orchid. It is available in different colors like white, purple, pink and blue.It is used on birthdays because it shows the same qualities as an accomplished man of 60ies possesses.

Some of other options of flower that are suitable according

Iris - symbolizes faith, hope, wisdom, courage, and admiration.
Roses - symbolize love, gratitude, and appreciation. Pink and yellow roses are particularly appropriate for a 60th birthday.
Gladiolus - symbolizes strength, sincerity, and moral integrity.
Daffodils - symbolize new beginnings, renewal, and hope.
Peonies - symbolize good fortune, prosperity, and a happy marriage.
Chrysanthemums - symbolize longevity, joy, and optimism.
Carnations - symbolize love, admiration, and gratitude. Light red, pink, and white carnations are often used for a 60th birthday celebration.

You can use these flowers individually and in the form of Bouquet with different combinations of colors. Flowers always come up with warm gestures and lovely feelings. So use flowers that suit best according to your 60th birthday theme.

What’s the Best Theme for A 60th Birthday Party?

Birthday themes usually set the tone of the party and add a unique and different atmosphere. Themes are the indications which colors guests should wear according to occasion, place and theme color.

Choosing a theme for a 60th birthday party largely depends on the preferences and personality of the person being celebrated. However, here are some popular themes that could be suitable for a 60th birthday party.

Retro/Vintage Theme

Celebrate the birthday person's life by creating a vintage or retro-themed party, featuring music, décor, and fashion from their era.
You can also add dishes and drinks of their age and invitees should wear the dresses according to the era of the person.

Golden Years Theme

Embrace the milestone birthday by using gold as the primary color scheme, decorating with gold balloons, banners, and table settings, and including references to the birthday person's achievements throughout their life.

Garden Party Theme

If the birthday falls in the spring or summer months, consider hosting an outdoor garden party with floral décor, garden games, and a light menu featuring fresh fruits and salads.

Travel Theme

If the birthday person loves to travel, consider a travel-themed party, featuring decorations, food, and entertainment inspired by their favorite destinations.

Black and White Theme

A classic black and white theme can be elegant and timeless, featuring black and white decorations, attire, and food, creating a sophisticated and memorable celebration.

The diamond jubilee is the milestone and significant day in any person's life. So make sure the theme should be according to the preferences and likes of that person. It should leave a lasting impact in the remaining years of that person.

What Do You Wear to A 60th Birthday Party?

What you should wear on a 60th Birthday party is the most confusing part ever. What to wear depends on the Birthday party theme, location and time of the event.

If the party has a formal dress code, men should wear dress pants with dress shirts and tie and women can wear a cocktail dress and evening gowns.

For a casual dress code men can wear a blazer with dress paint and khakis and women can wear sundress, paints and skirts.

Also consider the location of the party. If it's an outdoor party,wear comfortable and appropriate footwear and if it's inside a restaurant wear formal clothing .
If it's a theme based party then wear accordingly. You can also wear according to your own choice if you don’t want to follow themes. But ask from the guest earlier.

What is the Traditional Gift for A 60th Birthday?

The gift for a person who has reached their 60th birthday should show honor and gratitude for that person. As reaching a milestone is not easy, it rolled in multiple experiences, trials, accomplishments and success. So a gift as big to the person as special the person is.

The most appropriate gift is a diamond and necklace or something else made of diamond. But as everyone could not approach the diamond so you can give it to the person that matches with their age . You can also ask from the guest which gift they would like. Some of the things which you can gift your favorite person are

  • Personalized photo album or scrapbook filled with memorable photos and messages from friends and family.
  • A special piece of jewelry such as a diamond pendant, a gold watch, or a birthstone ring.
  • A thoughtful book or a set of books by their favorite author.
  • A luxurious spa day or a weekend getaway to a destination they have always wanted to visit.
  • A customized piece of art or a framed family portrait.
  • A practical gift like a high-quality coffee maker, a set of gourmet teas or coffees, or a new tablet or e-reader.

What Activities Are Ideal for A 60th Birthday Party?

There are multiple options that you can choose to celebrate the party and make it most exciting. But the thing which you should consider is that any activity does not disrespect neither invitees nor hosts.Some of the options out of which you can opt are;

  • Dancing at parsons favorite songs.
  • Playing games and cards.
  • Photo booth.
  • Sharing old stories and past memories etc.

What Is the Typical Timeframe for a 60th Birthday Party?

There is no ideal time for a party . But the thing which you should consider while deciding party timings is the age and health of the invites and the host as well. The best considered party timings for 60th birthday celebrations is at the daytime. If you want to add the flavor of a night party then you can choose timings between 6 pm to 10pm.

Final wording

Here we have shared detailed guidelines about 60th birthday celebrations. While you are celebrating your 60th birthday make sure it should be according to the themes, and likes of the special person who is turning 60.60th birthday is called Diamond Jubilee birthday so it should perfectly represent the flavor and atmosphere from every angle.

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