How To Write Dress Code On Birthday Invitation?

How To Write Dress Code On Birthday Invitation?

Your dress has a great impact on your personality. It will enhance the beauty of a party if you are dressed according to the party theme. A themed birthday party increases the grace of your celebration. Discussing the dress code with your guests when planning a birthday party is important. It will be helpful for your guests to feel comfortable and appropriately dressed for the occasion. Writing the dress code on a birthday invitation is the best way to save time selecting dresses and ensure everyone knows what to wear. But how do you write the dress code on a birthday invitation? This article will discuss different ways to write a dress code on a birthday invitation.

What kind of dress code should be used for a themed birthday party?

Different kinds of dress codes, but here are a few tips are discussed below that should be used for a themed birthday party:

Formal Dress Code

The formal dress code is different for both men and women.
For a man, mostly used in formal dressing are a white tie and black tuxedo
The formal dress code for women is usually a long gown or cocktail attire.

Semi-Formal Dress Code

  • The semi-formal dress code is usually covered, specifying "Cocktail Attire" or "Semi-Formal" at the invitation.
  • Suits and ties are appropriate for men.
  • Dressy skirts and blouses suit women who want to wear cocktail dresses.

Casual Dress Code

  • For a casual dress code, specify "Casual dress" or "Smart Casual" on the invitation.
  • Shirts with button-down collars and polo shirts can be worn with dress pants by men.
  • Sundresses, skirts and blouses, or dress pants and blouses can all be worn by women.

Themed Dress Code

When planning a themed birthday party, it should be compulsory to make sure your invitation specifies the theme that the guest is ready according to the theme.

For example, guests should wear beachwear or casual clothes if you arrange a beach party.

Where to write dress code on birthday invitation

The best and most attractive place to mention the dress code is at the bottom and right corner of the invitation. If you want to add other information cards for further detailed information to their guests, attach this info to the list of your dress code to make it simple and nice. Theme dress as casual or formal, should be mentioned on the birthday invitation so that the guests prepare their mind already which attire is wearing to attend the birthday party.


Writing the dress code on a birthday invitation is important to ensure everyone feels comfortable and appropriately dressed for the birthday party. Following these tips step by step is very helpful to easily communicate with guests according to the dress code and ensure that everyone has a great time.

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