How Do You Say Happy Birthday In Hawaiian?

How Do You Say Happy Birthday In Hawaiian?

Hawaiian is the Austronesian language of Hawaii. Hawaii is a tropical paradise known as the Aloha State in the Pacific Ocean. Suppose you ever celebrate a birthday in Hawaii or want to extend birthday wishes to someone from the island. In such ways, you can think about how to say happy birthday in "Hawaiian". Luckily, the Hawaiian language has a beautiful and simple phrase that you can use to convey your good wishes. In this response, I'll share how to say "Happy birthday" in Hawaiian so that you can add a touch of aloha to your celebrations or greetings.

How to Say Happy Birthday In Hawaiian

There are different ways to say happy birthday in Hawaiian, but the best way, with this the birthday party complete, is Hawaiian songs.

Songs lyrics:

Hau'oli la hanau ia 'oe, (How-oh-lee law hah-now yah oh-way)
Hau’oli la hanau ia ‘oe,
Hau’oli la hanau ia ( indicate person name)
Hau’oli la hanau ia ‘oe

Traditions Of Hawaiian Birthday

You need to know the traditions to give a perfect touch to your birthday. Let's discuss it! Some interesting traditions of Hawaiian which make your birthday party more authentic:

Aloha Clothes:

Clothes are the main thing that highlights the traditions, but if the dress is according to the theme, it makes your birthday amazing. Aloha-style clothes are the best representations of Hawaiian traditions. Mostly, clothes in the Hawaiian traditions are floral prints in the form of shirts and muumuu dresses, and all gents prefer pants. The birthday party will be colorful if you request guests dress in this style!

Kiss on cheeks:

It's a Hawaiian tradition; even in first-time greetings, they usually start their greetings with a kiss on the cheeks. In many families, it is not common, but on the outside, they greet each other by kissing the cheeks.

Giving a lei:

The giving of lei is a longstanding and significant tradition in Hawaiian culture. Lei is a beautiful garland made of various materials, such as flowers, leaves, shells, and feathers.

Giving a lei is a gesture of love, respect, and aloha (meaning love and compassion) for another person. It is a way of showing appreciation, acknowledging accomplishments, and celebrating special occasions, such as graduations, weddings, and birthdays. In Hawaiian culture, giving lei to visitors and guests to welcome them to the islands is also customary.

Different types of lei have different importance and meaning. For example, the Maile lei, made of fragrant leaves from the Maile plant, symbolizes affection and is often given to loved ones. The Pikake lei, made of jasmine flowers, represents purity and is often given to brides on their wedding day.

The process of making a lei is also significant in Hawaiian culture. In such a way, you can attach to nature and their environment.

Lastly, the lei has been considered a meaningful and cherished tradition in Hawaiian culture. It is a way of expressing love, respect, and aloha and is deeply rooted in the culture and history of the islands.

Shoes are not allowed in the house:

The tradition of not wearing shoes in the house is not specific to Hawaiian culture but is a common practice in many cultures worldwide. In Hawaiian culture, this tradition is also known as "No Shoes in the House" or "Hawaii Time," It is a sign of respect and cleanliness.

One reason for this tradition is the Hawaiian value of "Pono," which means righteousness or doing what is right. Wearing shoes inside the house can be seen as disrespectful and unclean because they can track in dirt, dust, and germs from the outside.

Additionally, removing shoes before entering a home is a way to show aloha (love, kindness, and respect) for the homeowner and their property. By removing your shoes, you acknowledge the homeowner's effort to keep their home clean and welcoming.

Overall, the tradition of not wearing shoes in the house is a way to show respect for the home and the people who live there, and it is a common practice in many cultures, including Hawaiian culture.


The phrase "happy birthday" in Hawaiian is "Hau'oli Lā Hānau." In conclusion, if you want to wish someone a happy birthday in Hawaiian, you can use this phrase. It's important to recognize and appreciate different languages and cultures, and using a traditional phrase can show respect and thoughtfulness towards the person celebrating their special day.

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